Doggy Zone

956 357 440

The Doggy Zone has a space of around 100m2, where the pets of the house will be able to enjoy a play area, equipped with an agility circuit, swimming pool and shaded area located in the parking area in front of Tiendanimal. And, what's more, totally free of charge. At LUZ Shopping no member of the family will miss out on a visit to our Meeting Place. Come and visit us from Monday to Saturday from 10:00h to 22:00h. See the rules of use below or, if you prefer, call 956 357 440.



Remember that it is a requirement to comply with these regulations. Failure to do so may be grounds for abandonment of the facilities, as well as notice to the municipal police to act as an authority to enforce compliance with it.

  • This enclosure is exclusively for the play and training of dogs.

  • The maximum capacity is 4 dogs.

  • The time of use will be 30 minutes.

  • Your dog's behaviour is your sole responsibility and must always be supervised by an adult.

  • You must always carry bags and cleaning material in case you need it.

  • Try not to let your dog relieve itself in the facilities. If you cannot avoid it, you must pick it up properly, leaving the area in a perfectly clean condition.

  • Breeds classified as PPP must wear, in addition to a leash, a properly fitted muzzle.

  • Area reserved for healthy, vaccinated, de-wormed and identified dogs (using dog collars, harnesses or name tags). Carry your dog's identification and vaccination card with you.

  • The dog area is not a kennel for dogs.

  • Dogs with aggressive behaviour will not be allowed to stay in the area.

  • Dog owners exonerate the shopping centre from any responsibility for any problems that their pet may cause to the shopping centre or to other visitors.

  • The owner of any pet that refuses to comply with the regulations may be asked to leave the shopping centre, and the municipal police may be notified to act as the authority to enforce compliance.

  • The shopping centre will look after the welfare of the animals and any evidence of abuse, mistreatment or violence will be reported to the relevant authorities.

  • Dogs in heat are not allowed.

  • Users must be responsible for their belongings.

  • Appropriate footwear must be worn.

  • The environment must be respected.

  • Eating is not allowed inside the area.

  • Smoking is not allowed inside the enclosure.