January 1, 2023

LUZ Shopping re-launches Espacio Sinergium

We have the coworking space for your business

The shopping centre, together with IKEA Jerez, is opening the registration period to fill the four vacancies in Espacio Sinergium, a project aimed at local entrepreneurs in the facilities of the business park with the support of the Jerez City Council and the Andalusian Regional Government.

Once again, the programme is aimed at Cádiz entrepreneurs from various sectors who can form an interesting synergy between the companies housed in the project, and who need a space to carry out their activity. The registration period begins on the 1st February and ends on the 31st March, after which all the applications received will be evaluated and the companies that will be awarded the 4 available places will be chosen.

The aim of this inspiring and modern space is to support companies in the province of Cadiz that have been set up for at least a year and do not yet have sufficient financial muscle to meet all the necessary expenses, providing them with a workspace and helping them to become new economic engines in our local environment. This year, IKEA Jerez will also provide them with advice and training sessions on issues related to marketing, human resources and its business-focused service, IKEA Business.

This project has served as support for various start-ups in the area, which today continue their journey beyond Sinergium, and who are grateful for the support provided by IKEA Jerez and LUZ Shopping, as reflected in statements by some of their spokespersons. Thus, Ignacio Hernández García, Founding Partner and Technical Director of Método Ambiental states: "Our time at Sinergium has undoubtedly been enriching and fundamental in the development of the company. The Sinergium Space gave us, in addition to a great boost at an economic level during the time we were housed, a place of reference in Jerez; with facilities, both for offices and meetings and services around that has allowed us to "forget" about many administrative issues and focus on our project, which certainly would not be the same without the support we received. When we started in Sinergium, we were two people working in Método Ambiental, today, we are 5 permanent people and more than 20 workers who are with us from time to time to develop specific projects".

For his part, Marcos Luján Castañeda, CEO of CRIAFAMA, said that for his company this opportunity has meant "local recognition as a benchmark brand within the sector, an increase in the number of clients in its portfolio, and an evolution in rates and turnover, achieving the sustainability of the project. Sinergium has helped us not only in the economic, social, logistical and strategic fields, but thanks to the training days and events organised by IKEA, its benefits have also covered the educational field".
In addition, according to Luján, Espacio Sinergium has allowed him to "create new relationships and strategic alliances with other professionals in the sector that have allowed him to expand his services". After his time at Espacio Sinergium, CRIAFAMA merged with another company to form an SL.

For more information, visit www.espaciosinergium.com.