January 1, 2023

A four-star Meeting Place

LUZ Shopping obtains 4 stars in AIS accessibility certification

  • Our Meeting Place has been evaluated by


    the ARS foundation and has received the AIS accessibility certificate with a 4-star rating.

  • LUZ Shopping's commitment is part of Ingka Centres' global commitment to improving accessibility in its shopping centres, having already obtained 4 certifications in Spain and Portugal.

LUZ Shopping consolidates its commitment to creating a positive impact on its visitors, obtaining a 4-star rating in the AIS certificate, delivered by the ARS Foundation. Obtaining this recognition demonstrates that the center has gone beyond regulatory compliance in terms of accessibility, following a process of continuous improvement in line with the global strategy of Ingka Centres. Ingka Centres seeks to create meeting places that are respectful of the planet, that help millions of people to live their lives in a more sustainable and healthy way, facilitating inspiring solutions that improve the communities where they are located.

The AIS certificate (Accessibility Indicator System), created by the Foundation for Accessibility and Social Responsibility (ARS), evaluates the degree of accessibility of all the elements that constitute the set of physical, functional and virtual structures. This recognition accredits, objectively and reliably, five levels of excellence in accessibility, from 1 to 5 Stars, with 4 Stars being a level that exceeds legal compliance. The meeting place has obtained this qualification after a series of exhaustive analyzes of the level of accessibility in all its facilities. Specifically, the AIS 1/2018 Standard that has been applied takes into account physical, sensory and cognitive accessibility criteria, and is focused on creating practical, safe and diverse environments for everyone, including people with disabilities, the elderly, women pregnant women or children.

Among the accredited implementations that LUZ Shopping has incorporated, the following stand out: an Information Desk with a double-height counter, accessible entrances and interior itineraries, PRM spaces connected to the accessible itineraries and adapted toilets, among others. In addition, the center has a water play area for children with information in braille and QR codes.

With this certification, your favorite meeting place for the people of Cadiz begins a path of continuous improvement with the aim that all its visitors, especially families, the elderly and people with diverse functional abilities, feel welcome in a more comfortable environment. , safe and accessible to all.

Rosario Fernández-Gao, Marketing Manager of LUZ Shopping has stated: “At LUZ Shopping we continue to work to make our meeting place as inclusive as possible so that everyone can enjoy it. This certification recognizes our commitment to our community and to the minorities that make it up, favoring accessibility by creating safe and comfortable environments for all our visitors''.