We are Punto Violeta


Violence against women is one of the biggest problems facing our society and affects many women and families in our local community.

For this reason, LUZ Shopping has decided to join the initiative to become a Punto Violeta, as reinforcement place where it can provide advice to women in need this service. It will be available 24 hours a day to offer information and attend to possible victims. In addition, not only affected women will come to this service, but we encourage anyone who witnesses or knows of this type of violence in their environment, to go for advice and help.


You can access the Punto Violeta at the Permanent Security Point in the shopping center or call 856 81 33 85 or go to the Information Desk for help.


Below you can find useful local telephone numbers:


Jerez City Council Women's Advisory Center: 956 14 91 21

• National Police: 956 32 60 73 (091)

• Local Police: 956 14 99 80 (092)

• Civil Guard: 956 33 03 62 (062)


Other means and useful telephone numbers:


• 016 (They are specialists in violence against women and the call leaves no trace on the bill)

• 600 000 016 (WhatsApp)

• 016-online@igualdad.gob.es


You can download the Punto Violeta guide and get more information at https://www.igualdad.gob.es/prioridades/punto-violeta/Paginas/index.aspx



LUZ Shopping fighting violence against women!

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