Pepe Taco

There is a new place called PEPE TACO where you can have a good time with friends at a good price and with purely Mexican products in Street Food format.

What makes Pepe Taco different?

PEPE TACO democratises Mexican gastronomy and makes it accessible to everyone. Now you can "takear" as you like. PEPE TACO has a simple product offer based on pure Mexican taquerias at very competitive prices. The difference between us is quality and price. At PEPE TACO what you see is what you get; tacos and beers.

Who can resist a good taco accompanied by a cold beer?

The good seasoning of the tacos, a cold beer served in glass and a relaxed atmosphere where the essence and tradition of Mexican food coexist with national products, together with the respectful and quick customer service, distinguishes this new brand and makes it a guaranteed success.