Do you want to come with your family to LUZ Shopping?
Now at LUZ Shopping you can enjoy your shopping experience and plans with friends and family... accompanied by your pets!

Come and visit many of our establishments with your best friends, without forgetting that we also have a very special corner for them, the Doggy Zone.

Check the rules of behavior by clicking here.


In LUZ Shopping we have a Punto Violeta to help women victims of male violence.

This service is available 24 hours a day to offer information and attend to possible victims. Not only affected women will come to this service, but we encourage anyone who witnesses or knows of this type of violence in their environment, to go for advice and help.

You can access the Punto Violeta at the Permanent Security Point in the shopping center or call 856 81 33 85 or go to the Information Desk for help.


Are you one of those who do not like to train in a gym and prefer to exercise outdoors? Now is your time! Take advantage of our new sports facilities in the MUÉVETE SPACE of LUZ Shopping!

Getting in shape is now going to be easier than ever. Enjoy our fitness equipment and structures to practice calisthenics, doing bio-healthy exercises and bringing out your best version. Also, TOTALLY FREE!


The Doggy Zone has a space of around 100m2, in which the pets of the house can enjoy a play area, equipped with an agility circuit, a swimming pool and a shaded area located in the parking area in front of Tiendanimal. And also totally free. At LUZ Shopping, no member of the family will be left without visiting our Meeting Place. Check here their rules of use.

Connect without limits at LUZ Shopping! In our Meeting Place you can enjoy a free and unrestricted WIFI network so you can browse the internet freely and safely.


Running out of battery on your mobile is no longer a drama. At the Information Point of our Meeting Place you have a free mobile phone charging point so you can enjoy your shopping without worries.


LUZ Shopping is a fantastic meeting place to go looking for a gift, as we have a wide variety of shops of all kinds. Also, if you want the final touch, you just have to stop by our Information Point to receive your gift - wrapping bag and label to personalise your gifts at no cost.


You no longer have to look for the taxi rank when you need one. At our Information Point they will manage assistance for you free of charge so that you can return home as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Nothing better than shopping at LUZ Shopping and returning home with a clean car. At Detail Car, located in the Alcampo car park, they are specialists in cleaning and renovating vehicles without water, so that you feel like you are using a new car every time you visit them. And if you want to do it yourself, in Lavanorte, next to Gasolinera Alcampo, you can clean it inside and out with pressure washing and vacuum cleaners.


Thanks to our Alcampo Gas Station, your pocket will be in luck, as it offers very competitive prices, with the additional quality that comes from having the fuel supplied by Repsol. In addition, you can get exclusive discounts by paying with your Alcampo Card.


Our Alcampo hypermarket offers its customers a shopping collection service, whereby you can make your purchase online and they will take it to your car just by calling the intercom located in the parking spaces reserved for this purpose.


If you have to receive a package, don't stay at home waiting for it to arrive. At LUZ Shopping you have a Post Office package collection center so you can pick it up whenever you want. And by the way you have another excuse to visit us.

If you need cash, don't worry, because in our Meeting Place you can find up to two ATMs so you can withdraw the cash you need and make your purchases. You can find them next to Pomodoro and the other one at the entrance to Alcampo.


Don't let the rain ruin your visit to LUZ Shopping! At our Information Point you can enjoy our umbrella loan service for free so you can walk around our Meeting Place and do your shopping without getting wet.

24 hour security service with video surveillance.