"LUZ a Casa" is born to bring the gastronomic experiences of LUZ to the homes of Jerez. Whatever the flavor of LUZ Shopping for you, now we take it home or wherever you want.

But, where can I order from?

You have two options: from, or by downloading our app (available both Android and iOS).

Perfect, I'm ready to order, and ... How does it work? Easy! Just follow these steps:

  1. Indicate the delivery address
  2. Choose your favorite restaurant of LUZ Shopping
  3. Choose the date and time of your order
  4. Select your menu or the dishes you are going to devour
  5. Choose your payment method and the restaurant will receive the payment directly

Finally, just relax yourself while waiting for your order. Do not wait more. Ask for what you want at and we will take it to you wherever you want.

Place your order, enjoy free shipping and get one of our prizes with your first order directly at the information point.

Remember: or if you prefer download the app for Android or iOS.