Scratch & Win!

Welcome back! Having you back is a present for us, that's why we want you to enjoy with thousands of prizes. Hunt the prizes with your tickets!

Find out how to participate by following these easy steps:

  1. A purchase equal to or greater than 20 euros on the same day.
  2. Go to the information point and validate your ticket.
  3. By means of a code you will access a virtual scratch card and you will only have to scratch ...
  4. ... and Win! Up to 2000 direct prizes and discounts in our stores.

Among those 2000 prizes you can find discount vouchers and offers from all these operators; McDonald's, + Vision, Superdry, Alavera Bookstore, Dock39, American's Game Ocio, La SureƱa, Pepe Taco, Alcampo and Xti.

Stay tuned from September 23 to October 16 to all our social media platforms and do not miss out!


*See the BBLL of the stock by clicking here.