LUZ Shopping, has launched a project of Solidarity Gardens, consisting of 89 plots of fifty square metres each.

The main objective is to benefit families at risk of vulnerability and disadvantaged groups in our community, so that 30% of the harvest would go to the people who cultivate each plot, and 70% would go to soup kitchens or organisations for distribution to families in need, through the NGO or association that collaborates in the cultivation of the plots.

The people who cultivate the plots will be provided with various tools and a compost bin to recycle vegetable waste that will be transformed into organic material that can be used for the crops, as well as training in agriculture and discounts on the purchase of seeds at Fronda.

With this project, LUZ Shopping aims not only to fulfil a social function but also to carry out an educational function, promoting responsible consumption, ecological agriculture and outdoor activities.

If you are an NGO or association you can send an email to or call 956 357 440.