Tell us about your best experience at LUZ Shopping... and win

Back to school, to work, the end of the holidays... but wait a minute! not everything was going to be bad news because you know that at LUZ Shopping we never stop surprising you👇

Say goodbye 👋 to post-holiday depression by remembering the best moments you've experienced this summer with us. In addition, all these experiences have a PRIZE!🎁

Pay special attention to our social networks and do not miss anything because from 📆 September 22nd to October 09th we have a super Anecdote Contest at LUZ Shopping with a very special collaboration... Beatriz Trapote!! where you can win a €200 Gift Voucher.



Follow us and comment on your experience with us, the most original will be awarded, in the super interview with Beatriz Trapote that we will post this Thursday, September 22, and in which we will collect part of your summer experiences.


From September 22nd to October 09th.


Check the legal bases of the contest by clicking here.