Charity Wardrobe in LUZ Shopping

LUZ Shopping and IKEA Jerez launch the "Charity Wardrobe"initiative for another year.

What is it about? You give your clothes a new opportunity, taking care of the planet and people, and we reward you with LUZ Shopping Gift Vouchers and discounts for your purchases at IKEA. Simple as that.

What can you get?
  • 5€ gift voucher: From 5 items or more.
  • 10€ gift voucher: From 10 items or more.
  • 5€ direct discount delivery at IKEA with your IKEA Family card on purchases over 50€. And if you do not have it, we will do it for you at the moment so that you can enjoy this promotion and many other benefits just for being a member of this great family.
Users must make a single registration on the web in order to participate in the promotion, indicating their data and the number of clothes to be delivered. The website will be enabled from January 7 to February 5, 2022. The place that we have prepared to donate clothes will be located in the central area of LUZ Shopping, in front of the El Potro store, from January 14 to February 5, 2022. A hostess will verify your data, number and the number of clothes delivered by giving you a participation card that you can exchange at the LUZ Shopping Information Point for a gift voucher of the corresponding value, according to the number of clothes with which you have participated.

Remember!! The clothes must be in perfect condition to be used by other people, extending their useful life and offering a new opportunity in new homes.

In addition, all registered participants in the action will be able to participate in the RAFFLE for the IKEA walk-in wardrobe and all its accessories displayed in our "Charity Wardrobe" place.

Who do we help? All donated clothing will be delivered to the NGO Cáritas Diocesana de Asidonia-Jerez.

Here are our schedules:
  • Monday to Friday: 16:00 to 21:00 .
  • Saturdays (uninterrupted hours): 12:00 to 21:00.

* The waiting queue will be managed and limited so that the event can end each day at the indicated time.

Only one gift voucher can be obtained per individual, regardless of the number of additional items and registrations that may be made. To collect the gift voucher on behalf of other people, it will be essential to present a signed authorization with a copy of the person's ID for presentation at the Information Point at the time of collection.

You can consult the BBLL of our solidarity action by clicking here.