11 years with you it is a great reason to celebrate!

They are already 11 years together and that is the reason why we want to celebrate it in a unique and incredible way. Soon you will be able to enjoy the different activities that we have prepared for you:

  1. Become a true gamer with Movistar Riders and enjoy unique spaces to train and compete at the highest level. In addition, there will be three prizes for the first 3 in the ranking: 300€, 200€ and 100€.
  2. Come to the Selfie Points that we have created in the central area of LUZ Shopping, take an original photo and you will be able to get wonderful prizes of 3.000€, 1.000€ and 500€ just for sharing it with us.
  3. Enjoy live music and free dance classes on Saturdays in the area where the restaurants are located.

Every celebration deserves a party! Stay tuned from October 28 to November 14.